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“I’ve been listening to your pod casts for a few days now after having discovered your Trend Following book…”

Feedback in:

Hi Michael,

I’ve been listening to your pod casts for a few days now after having discovered your Trend Following book on audible. I’m probably a quarter of the way through the book, so still have a bunch to learn. I just wanted to drop you an email to see if I could get the trend following steps that you mention on your podcast. I’ve just began the process of becoming interested in trading and trying to learn for the last month or two, however until I found your work I had been looking at studying technical analysis which, given your chat doesn’t seem to be the way forward.

I am interested in learning the best and most effective way to become successful at trading but it seems that there is quite a lot of competing ideas and misinformation available to people that are trying to learn. I’d prefer not to put a bunch of time into methods that are pointless, so any information you have on the best way forward would be appreciated.

I recently heard your interview on the IG trading platform, which I’ve signed up to on a demo account to practice before going live maybe next year. I wondered what your thoughts were on their work and what they produce? I understood from your previous podcasts the conversations with your guests that discussion about fundamentals and perhaps technicals is just done for entertainments sake on the mainstream TV and news networks. I wondered if you had a different opinion on IG as you took time to be participate on it. I’m asking as I have been joining their webinars and online academy.

Also I wondered if you think that a trend following strategy can be achieved successfully if starting with a small account? It was my intention to have about £4000 to £5000 available to be ok with potentially loosing I guess, but I got the impression from the discussion on your podcasts that significantly more might be needed in order to be able to stick with a trend/not being stopped out?

Anyway thanks for your time, your podcast is really entertaining by the way and as someone who knows nothing really about trading/finance or business, it’s been really interesting and enjoyable to listen to your work.



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