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“Your writing, speaking and teaching style is unique and engaging…”

Up and Down
Up and Down

Feedback in!

Hi Mike,

Great presentation.Thanks.

Apologies for the terse previous email, didn’t expect but certainly appreciate the personal response.

I am new to the markets and started trading more seriously about 6 months ago after reading Market Wizards.

Listening to Stansbury’s podcast on Sunday, your district delivery and measured approach to trading compelled me to take a break from yard work and order, as we now refer to it in our household, “Covel’s Epic 5th Edition” or “Big Blue”… 🙂

It arrived on Monday, haven’t finished yet, but wanted to respond, thank you for your work.

Your writing, speaking and teaching style is unique and engaging… Before I heard you mention the word to Dan Ferris, you instantly brought to mind one of the best attributes among excellent teachers and humans in general: curiosity.

I look forward to reading and learning more.

Best Regards,



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