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This sounds like slot machines at Vegas…

Trading Like Vegas
Trading Like Vegas

Feedback in:

My biggest challenge with trading is to do it consistently and well. I have had a very good year trading, but I don’t have rules, don’t have a good source of ideas.

My latest is to short gold with DUST ETF. Started on Nov 11 and added to my position about a week later. My price is $8.11. My time frame is 3 months. I read in the press that Citibank and another big bank suggested moving from overweight to underweight. I noticed that gold climbed from around $1300 to $1500/oz from May 30 thru August. I think it will continue slowly downward over the coming months, unless there is a change in factors affecting gold, like inflation, interests rates, market appetite for risk. I don’t have enough information or how to track event dates that impact my investment.

This sounds like slot machines at Vegas.

Try this way of thinking.

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