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“I’m also not sure if you give a specific recipe for a system in your book…”

Feedback in:

Hi Mike

I have another question if its okay. I just ordered your book, Trend Following, will receive it on November 22, and look forward to reading it, and get started on some stock analysis, initially on ETFs.

I am a beginner in the stock world, but have read a lot about it, and many of the articles I have read say that it is difficult to beat the market, and especially if you have to beat the market so it makes a difference. Do you have any figures on how the systems from your book Trend Following are performing for beginners.

I know it’s a difficult question, and I’m also not sure if you give a specific recipe for a system in your book, since I haven’t read it yet. but in Denmark it is possible to have about 7% on ETF per year, and that is okay – but when you start investing as a 52 year old man and I know that I have come late to invest, but it is Now I have the time, the interest and the money to invest for. Then it may well give a little more than 7% per year, otherwise I might as well just invest in ETFs on a monthly basis, and save myself from all the analysis work, which I look forward to – as I love to work with numbers and excel sheets.
Hope you can make me a little wiser on an average return for Trend Following, without promising anything.

Kind Regards,

Johnny H.

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