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“Being in sales most of my life, I still can’t get over what a great business opportunity trading is…”

Feedback in:

I am a field sales rep for a global chemical company. I enjoy the freedom and independence of the work – my car is my office so your podcasts keep me inspired and pushing the button every day. But I had my own business before, so naturally I desire the true independence of my own business.

Being in sales most of my life, I still can’t get over what a great business opportunity trading is, and trend following in particular. The exchanges have built these awesome platforms, done all of this powerful marketing so your prospective customers and suppliers are available at the click of a button. No gatekeepers, prospecting, dead leads, cold calling, multiple decision-makers… none of that.

I now see making trend following trades like making sales calls. It is a numbers games, you can’t sweat any individual trade/sales call. A loss is like breathing, so on to the next one until you hit the home run, picking up singles and doubles here and there to pay the bills.

So the challenges:

More trading capital


I have trading capital of $70,000. I see the critical importance of compounding, so obviously more capital adds more firepower to your compounding. Any suggestions on sources for trading capital without borrowing money? A crazy idea I know.

Patience. This is where is trading diverges from sales. I can do more prospecting and sales calls to increase my closing volume, but I can’t make a market trend. I know this will come with experience, still… how do you wait… and wait… and wait…

I am beginning to think that trend followers must have something in common with the biblical Job… “the Market giveth, and the Market taketh away. Blessed be the name of the Market.”

Thanks again Michael.

Jason B.

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