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“Your contrarian thinking style, your perspective and your philosophy…It’s a joy to listen to…”

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Feedback in:

Hey Michael:

Your podcast is amazing!

808 episodes so far!

My god what an achievement!

Some people are influenced by a Confucius, an Aristotle or a Karl Marx.

I’m influenced by Michael Covel.

Your solo episodes are a masterpiece.

I keep listening to them non stop.

Your contrarian thinking style, your perspective and your philosophy.

It’s a joy to listen to.

So as I probably told you before, my goal is to become like you in terms of public speaking skills, and maybe better.

And thanks to your email advice I evolved to become a regular speaker for my company, presented at events where I got 100+ audiences and did ok.

But I’m so so far from a Michael Covel.

I’m like a million miles from how you perform, speak and tell stories…

looking at my starting line where I was nowhere and got to a good set of speaking skills.

but in the meantime Jan 2019 I had a burnout, I’m putting so much pressure on myself that I broke.

So I keep thinking about your episode “follow your effort not your passion.”

And I say to myself, this is so much hard work for me and I’m getting to a point where countless hours of practice just give marginal improvement versus my goal.

My approach of brute force clearly had an impact on my body and need to slow down.

What do you advice somebody in my position?

With a wife and 2 daughters now in the family and the recovery from burnout I need to be much more effective and do more with less. I know it feels like I’m asking for a shortcut which is stupid.

Listening to you, it feels like your style, what you say and how you say it is effortless for you…has it always been like this? Did you face doubts and challenges about your public speaking skills? And if yes how did you overcome them?

Any advice is really welcome Michael.

Thank you!


Thanks for the nice words.

I first spoke in a public forum age 19. I ran for political office age 21. A Washington Post interview then. TV interviews then. Lots of fear, but I was composed.

Here are speaking appearances for my trend following world starting 2004.

Was I always the same? No.

Then the podcast starts 2012… and 800 epsiodes later here I am. I am comfortable in my thoughts now.

Practice and something to say? My only advice.

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