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“If I had listened to you 11 years ago I would have given up…”

Feedback in:

Hi Michael,

I am a listener to your podcast and enjoy most of them as they are very informative. I especially enjoy the few monologues with a hint of philosophy from greats such as Alan Watts.

I have noticed you are totally opposed to day trading or those who ‘claim’ to be trend following traders and day trade.

I am a very successful day trader who trades an approach that I developed over many years myself. Whilst I am vehemently against people purchasing systems, I do know (cos it worked for me) that there are trends in virtually any time frame available. The duration and nature will vary, but you could not tell the time-frame of an instrument if I printed out a chart and concealed the time-frame.

Quite frankly, if I had listened to you 11 years ago, I would have given up and not worked hard to discover what now works for me.

So focus on delivering those great podcasts and keep a little bit of an open mind rather than total condemnation of day traders because although its very difficult, its also very possible.


Trend following as I discuss in my books does not work as day trading.

If people have some other definition of trend following that’s ok.

But you are not doing what trend following is on a short time scale.

You are doing something else.

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