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“While this trend following boat is sailing without me…”

Feedback in…


I’ve been in contact with you before through email and always look forward to your podcasts along with those 20-30 minute comments segments. I haven’t listened to Tony Robbins in 20-25 years, but they seem to echo the same tone. Love it.

BTW, I’m the guy who sent you a PDF of my trend following system across about 45 assets about a year ago. I’m a federal employee and feel that I’m moments away from handing in my resignation letter. After about a year of constantly thinking about leaving my job every 10 minutes and waking up in the middle of the night feeling trapped in my position, I’ve come to realize that my big “hang-up” is whether or not to sell my home for additional trading capital to top-off my business, or rent it out for future guaranteed monthly payment through a property manager.

I know you can’t offer financial advise, and I’d never hold you to anything, however I’d like to ask a question: When you moved out of the US, did you leave any property behind? Or, did you just “bug-out” (as you’ve once noted) and leave for the Asian country with minimal possessions in tow?

If you wish to not answer this, that’s no problem. I respect that. Could you reply with: “Pass”. If you’d like to reply, any thoughts would be appreciated.

My trend following platform (stuck in simulation mode) is kicking ass without me hitting new highs after an absolutely gorgeous 30% drawdown, and time is wasting.

While this trend following boat is sailing without me, as I ponder to swim after it, I can’t tell if I’m diving into the English Channel, staring off the edge of a rocky cliff, jumping out of a plane, hitting an eject button, on a capsule set for a no-return trip to Mars or digging my own grave. It’s fu@%in’ scary.


All in your mind. Go read this for a few hours!

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