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When I started reading your 2017 Trend Following book I knew right away that it would change my life…”

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When I started reading your 2017 Trend Following book I knew right away that it would change my life in only the way that books like Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, The Blue Cliff Record, and The Black Swan by Taleb could. It`s the way you write. It`s all the quotes in the margins (I took the time to translate the Chinese on page xx with a dictionary).

I read up to page 44 and then the guy who lent me the book had to take it back because he was transferring. I`m writing to you from a federal prison (sorry). I need to read the rest of your book! I need to read The Winton Papers! You mention all kinds of people I’ve never heard of before when reading Barron`s or Bloomberg Businessweek. All of this strikes bells in my head because I`m a little on the spectrum and can detect patterns in all kinds of things better than most people (though I can`t tell when people are kidding). I play 20 instruments (I still have things online that I could link you to).

My parents never had anything and I started out poor, they divorced, I moved around in the custody wars then ended up living with my rich banker uncle on Long Island (I grew up in [name]) who started a bank that was bought by Bank of America. I was exposed to currency trading and I figured out a recursion loop by hedging 3 pairs of currencies against one another. Then I got locked up (though not for financial crimes).

I made a really, really stupid decision which I regret and since it is a part of my history I cannot deny it, must be honest about it and not let it stoop me from succeeding in all my goals that I can reasonably achieve. I teach entrepreneurship here (I am part of [name] in Manhattan), and I am a Faith Group Representative here (Zen Buddhism). I`m studying Taleb`s Dynamic Hedging which someone here was kind enough to get me a copy of before they left a year ago (I`m working on getting the big money!)

I design and hand draw all my own sheets and charts for all the financial data that I clinically dissect. EVERYTHING THAT I EUREKA UPON IS TREND MOVEMENTS!

I appreciate you taking the time to read this.
Thank you so much!


Best of luck!

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