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What makes your system different to the others?

Feedback in:

Hi Michael,

Wow, what a presentation. I write this mail just a minute after I saw it. Right now I am on a business trip in Germany and sitting in a hotel room and being really impressed.

How did I take notice from you? I bought your books and after that I registered myself on your website. And i have to say, your mails are different to the ‘standard day trading’ ones. As you know, there are a lot trading gurus out there, who knows everything.

For me it’s hard to find my way. I started informing myself in this direction about 15 months ago. I read a lot books, internet sites and YouTube videos. My head almost exploded.

To give you an idea who I am. I’m 49 years old, working since 32 years. I’m a Family Father and work meanwhile as a managing director for a company in Bavaria/Germany. So, there is a great comfort zone. But as you can imagine I want to change something. Thanks to the midlife crisis. By the way I am glad that this crisis exists. Otherwise there wouldn’t be a change (in my case).

But instead of buying a Porsche or anything else senseless–I want to have time. Please do not understand me wrong, but you have to understand me, what makes your system different to the others?

Looking Forward Hearing from you.

Cheers from Bavaria,


What are the other systems? That’s very wide open. I would prefer to let you read my details and you decide:

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