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“Over the past two years I have obsessively listened to your podcasts…”

Feedback in:

Hi Michael,

I have not done my due diligence in expressing how much your trend trading course, books and, most importantly, podcast have impacted my life. Over the past two years I have obsessively listened to your podcasts, and I continue to work my way through your trend following course with a large dose of humility and a dash of success. Your podcast has impacted me the most because of your relentless focus on trading not as isolated content, but as a contextualized competency. I have been in the field of school transformation for almost 20 years – trying to cure the woes you accurately describe with formal education driving mindless content acquisition instead of authentic, purposeful, experiential learning – and your insight into the importance of trading as a competency is refreshing. You not only teach me the fundamentals of trading, you teach me how to be a trader, to think like a trader, to perform like a trader. That does not mean I simply need to become familiar with market terminology or learn the procedures outlined in the course. It means I need to instill in myself all of the strengths that experts discuss on your podcast – discipline, psychology, dealing with loss, overcoming adversity, getting enough sleep, focusing on the ‘now’…the list is endless. As my fellow die-hard Patriots fan know, being the greatest quarterback of all time does not mean simply having the most accurate throw or the fastest arm. Rather, it comes from embracing a holistic lifestyle focused on every aspect of performance including kinesiology, nutrition, mechanics, mental preparedness, game strategy, self-reflection, and others. You have embraced that same holistic, Brady-esque approach in your teaching which will not only make me a great trader, it will continue to positively impact all areas of my personal and professional life. For that, I am truly grateful.

Keep inspiring.



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