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“I’m looking for a professional where I can really learn…”

Feedback in:

My name is Felipe. Last year I went to USA as an exchange student for 5 month and there is where I discovered my passion. I have been reading all of your books. I’m convinced that if you wanna be the 10% you have to do exactly the opposite of the other 90%. Right now I’m managing a really small account with my fathers money. I’m managing my risk, just risking 2% per trade and buying if the price make a 60 days high and selling if it make a 25 days low. I’m writing you because I think that is time to meet a professional, not a fx chat guru. I’m looking for a professional where I can really learn. It could be very helpful if you teach me in this long path. Maybe you will never read this but at least I tried.

Regards, Felipe B.

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