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“Somebody once told me that working for a living is the quickest way not to have any wealth…”

Feedback in:

Hi Mike I contacted you about 2-3 months ago to let you know that I was getting something from your podcast and that I have been listening to these every week for well over a year now. I have just finished your latest 1 with Nick Radge. I am also an Aussie and I really liked the way this one went. He came across very well and I thought you both interacted well even when just talking about the general stuff like New Zealand. Please pass on my respect or acknowledgment to Nick for talking the time to do that with you, I thought it was a good podcast. When I become a better trader myself I may look him up at some to say hello. I’m only average at this stage, But I’ll get there. On another note I have the 3 books from you here. I’m in a holding pattern at present with my trading as I have to still work. Somebody once told me that working for a living is the quickest way not to have any wealth. That with the fact I’m looking into upgrading my unit here, so I have to sort a couple life things there. So the plan I’m looking forward too in the coning weeks is move into this better place. Then I am taking a heap of weekends off and I’m going to work my way through your books. I want to do this in the nicer environment. On the verandah or something. And really focus. After I finish Trend Following, I’m really looking forward to getting into the Turtle traders (as Nick mentioned as well he really liked that book) and then Market Wizards. This is my to do list in the near future. Take care and I look forward to next weeks podcast.

All the best.


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