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“Everything else, position sizing, cutting losses short, etc. makes sense. But where is the start?”

Feedback in:

My trading routine looks like a frantic cat always checking the charts, news, Twitter, etc throughout the day, opening, close, and night. I wait for a “perfect” entry from stochastics, and desperately watch to see how much I’m making or loosing. It’s a mess of stress and huge time consumer.

What I want it to look like is what Trend Followers describe. Once a day or week checking markets to ride up or down and setting trailing stops to reduce risk. Thinking smarter not harder. Applying KISS principles and enjoying the rides. Spending more time understanding strategies, my bad habits, and psychology, not random data. I would probably do this Friday nights or Saturday mornings, or/ and at 5 a.m. or 9:30 p.m. each day. Spending around half an hour a day, from what I’m gathering from the resources so far provided.

I really appreciate the mindset of this training. I still don’t get how to recognize when a trend is started, or rather, when to enter one. Everything else (position sizing), cutting losses short, etc. makes sense. But where is the start?


The start.

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