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“Since I already know what to expect, it’s easy stress free trading…”

Feedback in:

I enjoy reading your emails, although, we do have different trading styles. I appreciate the ideas and strategies of your emails. I remember when my system was still in it’s early development stages, 89-90, I entertained the idea of being a Commodities Trading Advisor. I worked with a gentleman who at the time had a brokerage firm in Miami Florida called [name] Trading. His first name was Richard. He was Reagan’s advisor in metals. At one time, and I was schooled on all types of trading (tricks), perks I will call them, but in time became valuable to me. Why I like day trading verses trend or (swing point) trading? I enter my position at or shortly after the open, make my target profit, then out, work day usually done by noon [disagree strongly] or shortly there after. Since I already know what to expect, it’s easy stress free trading. No waiting and having to go through the emotional roller coaster that comes with it, as you watch the markets up and down movements. I know you know what I am talking about. Anyway, soon as I can, I will start showing you. Happy Trading my friend.

Swing trading? Day trading? Not recommended.

Thanks for the note, but that path is anything but clear! A good start.

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