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“What I am missing mostly is unnecessary risk…”

Feedback in:

What I am missing mostly is unnecessary risk. Mostly the risk is something I like to see missing muster. I crush risk. Have no tolerance for unnecessary risk when possible. I’m arrogant about dismissing risk whenever possible.

I never do acrobatics without a parachute for example. Never fly acro below 1000 feet continuing with the aviation thought. I continue to fly like an eagle inverted or upright with managed or no risk. Expand the joy and push risk aside. If you are a being you are already so far ahead on the scoreboard nothing else will ever come close. Road following comes natural if y don’t over think it. I like to think of a trend like a road that is going where I want to go. In flying or driving its IFR (I Follow Roads) or I follow my headlights to get where I want to go. Sometimes I find a short cut and take the drama filled longer scenic route.

Sometimes the cost of operation is thought of as risk. It’s not. Every business has a cost of the production of outcome. If you are without cost of production it’s likely you are sitting in your vault counting past revenue. You won’t know the cost or benefit of vault time until you come out. It’s called buy and hold. Often an excellent strategy because humans tend to like producing over failing. Long is usually more popular than short because it’s so natural.

Mike thanks for all your great input.

Don B.

Thanks Don, but you are causing me to think too much! More on the psych side of it here.

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