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Ep. 791: Nick Radge Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio

Nick Radge
Nick Radge

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My guest today is Nick Radge. He began trading in 1985. During a stint working for an investment bank in Singapore Nick dedicated his evenings testing trading strategies; 2 hours a day for 18 months, a total of at least 750 hours. Nick’s first book, Every-Day Traders, was written to identify the traits of successful traders. What do successful traders do that is different to other traders? In Adaptive Analysis for Australian Stocks, Nick shows his readers how to use price action to make the most of their winning trades and, often more importantly, to quickly recognize a losing trade and exit their position. In Unholy Grails–A New Road to Wealth, Radge outlines simple strategies to make money during uptrends and how to defend capital when the markets turn down. Nick is a Director at The Chartist, a stock market advisory service based in Queensland, Australia.

The topic is trading.

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