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“My biggest challenge with trading? Lack of belief…”

Feedback in:

Hi Michael,

Saw you on [name]. Enjoyed the talk and really surprised to see you wrote The Complete TurtleTrader…just ordered the book. I have heard of it many people say Richard Dennis’s system is no longer working. I don’t know if it is or not. I don’t know the rules.

My biggest challenge with trading: Lack of belief that trading can be the vehicle to make me $50M along with lack of focus on 1 system.

I began trading FX and it was sorta nailed into my head that making 20% returns/year was incredible..well how was I supposed to get rich off a $10K account on 20%/year? Then I found [name] and it looks like in the equity space there are opportunities every month to make 20%+ returns with a small account.

I am now ‘all in’ on trading. I see that I can become rich (my goal is $50M in my life) if I focus but the belief still is not 100% that I can actually make that figure. (especially since after ~1 year of trading I’m still jumping around too much and have not made any substantial profits in trading)

In your talk with [name] you ask ‘how can you find trading exciting’? I do personally find trading exciting because of the instant feedback and the $ representation of each tick – behind each tick of the market there can be millions. I think all of us have a deeper reward system when it comes to trading – many people say its money but I believe there is something a lot deeper (like prestige, being correct (you laugh at that but its a deep seated ego need), excitement)

Michael P.

Thanks! Lots to read. Jump in.

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