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“When looking at these performance returns as a reader is there any significance…”

Feedback in:

Hi! Michael Covel,

I had a quick overall question about your book Trend Following 5th Edition.

You used performance data.

When looking at these performance returns as a reader is there any significance we should get from reviewing these?

Also, I study candlestick charts in order to become a better trader trading stocks…the importance of knowing how to read and comprehend the many patterns on the candlestick charts.

Reading your book is there any techniques or strategies that I will need to learn in order to be successful at Trend Following?

Also, do you have any recommendations on how you became efficient in reading charts over the years?

Thank you in advance for your wisdom and suggestions.


Bad news:

Chart reading? Bullshit.

Candlesticks? Bullshit.

Good news:

Why is performance data useful?


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