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“I derived a trend following approach almost exactly similar Darvas…”

Feedback in:

Hello Mike,

Many thanks for all your efforts with the books and podcasts – powerful material and delivery. Enjoyable to listen to and read and has been impactful for me.

I hope you are getting rich and find the whole process fulfilling!

I have been trading stocks and developing technical trading models for over 20 years based on a long list of technical indicators, mean reversion, bottom fishing, and occasionally some fundamental calls. And I have decades of mediocre or losing results to prove it – exactly as you describe.

Literally, by math evolution and basic strategic thinking and common sense, I derived a trend-following approach almost exactly similar Darvas and the Turtles last December. So, three independent derivations of the same idea.

Then, around 3 months ago I bought your book (Trend Following) and listen to your Podcasts which have been very valuable and I continue to learn and adapt a lot. You’ve added a whole new positive dimension to my commute to my day-job. Thank you!

After decades of laborious efforts (easily 10,000+ hours) and frustrating results, I finally have confidence that I have a model strategy that will work. Your media publications have validated my life’s work and the recent trend-following breakthrough I experienced.

Anyway, regarding your question I finally feel little frustration in trading since the results are consistent with percentages I read in your various books (50% win rate, 20%+ annual returns, whip-saws, drawdowns of significance, etc.) and are delivering expected results. And my math models also validate these numbers – so the truth and reality is converging which is comforting and eliminates a lot of anxiety on the whole topic.

Thanks again for all – keep it up!


You are welcome.

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