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“My aim is to follow your mini course and get some answers…”

Feedback in:

Hi Michael,

First of all thanks for making this information available. Since I listened to the audio book TurtleTrader my trading methodology was transformed. I turned a profit on my commodities trading account for the first time ever last month. The podcasts and interviews at the end of the audible audio book is really inspiring and I enjoyed them.

I have had a few misses this month and I realize I need more information on stop loss positions and firming up on my exit strategy as I get nervous when there is a pull-back or bounce in the prices.

My aim is to follow your mini course and get some answers to the issues I have mentioned above. I know you have dealt with them in the book but it escaped me in the excitement of finding a system that actually makes me money.

Kind regards,
Mr. [name]
East London – South Africa

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