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“Why are you afraid to start?”

Feedback in:

I’ve always had a Trend Trading bent but didn’t realize it until I read your TurtleTrader book and now Trend Following. I just wish I had the maturity to understand what you’ve been trying to say to me a few years ago.


My name is [blank], I am a senior at Babson College and I am interning at a Private Equity firm for the summer. Investing in stocks has always been my passion and I am starting to get into it each day. The biggest challenge I have faced is basically not wanting to invest out of fear that I lack knowledge. I do not consider myself to be an “emotional” investor, rather my “fear” is a product of an intellectual understanding that I need to know more. I feel I need to fully understand and study all economic downturns in history to fully grasp and anticipate market behaviors. I would like your advice and your perspective–can this “fear” serve as motivation to further study the markets? I look forward to your answer and to your mini-course!

Why are you afraid to start?

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