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“Some of us out there are still keen and capable of independent thinking…”

Feedback in:

Cheers mate, I love your book.

I’ve been working up a few different options for trend following. I’ve tried moving average cross overs of sma50/sma100, sma50/sma200 and ema20/sma50.

But the most effective so far seems to be stocks breaking out of a 365 day high or longer long term resistance and above a 10 period offset low. The sell is on the cross of the 10 week period low. It seems to work well on daily charts but also very well on weekly charts. I’ve been looking at stocks on the ASX, mainly the top 200. See attached an example.

Just an idea to show you there are some of us out there still keen and capable of independent thinking. I’m looking forward to doing more of this on commodities to see how it performs. I’m amazed at the period of hold, a couple of years in some instances.


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