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“Implementing this trend following mindset into my brain could cleared some huge mistakes…”

Feedback in:

Hi Michael, my name is Andre and I’m from Brazil.

I’ve been reading and listening your content for a while now. I’ve read Complete Turtle Trader and Trend Following and I listen to almost all your podcasts. I really like your work!

Implementing this trend following mindset into my brain could cleared some huge mistakes that I took with my money in recent past. I bought a business franchise from an American company in 2014, but I bet all the money that I had that moment. Long story short, I spend 3 years with this business just paying my expenses and could not save any money during this period.

In January 2017, we finished our contract since I have not sold more franchises as stipulated in contract. I ended up with no business and no money.

Because of the great recession that is striking Brazil since 2015, all the economy is frozen and is very hard to find a job right now.

Since I’m very disciplined with rules and to save money, I would like to ask you for an advise. Do you think I could apply the rules [in X] to start saving some money and them, purchase your Flagship Course to improve my trader’s abilities?

I have never invested our traded in stock markets and I couldn’t find any material our course in Portuguese of Trend Following. No one is talking about it down here and a few people really knows it.

Thank you very much for your time in reading my e-mail.

Best regards,
André Á.

I think you should do everything you can to solve the puzzle. Read everything. Some you will find for free, some not. But just go. Jump!

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