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“I suppose i have never really thought of myself as a trader per se…”

Feedback in:

Hi Michael,

I suppose i have never really thought of myself as a “trader” per se. My challenge is really a result of not having a defined plan when entering a trade/position – not having discipline to exit a trade that is not working. My entries are also not based on any systematic trend approach but more thematic so if i am honest with myself, they are more educated guesses than anything.

I have been interested in trend following after coming across it in the course of research at the wealth management firm where i work. The portfolios we build are more based on a broad asset allocation framework where we buy and rebalance around target exposures rather than trading based on trends. I find trend following fascinating as in some ways it really flys in the face of more traditional investing concepts but is undeniably successful and at its essence very intuitive.

I just recently finished reading your book Trend Following and have been listening to the Top Traders Unplugged podcast. My goal is to start doing research on systems to get an idea of what might work best for me but was unsure exactly where to start so i figured this was a good place. Appreciate all of the good info in your book, will probably need to pick up some of your others and am also enjoying your vast catalog of podcasts.


Good job! Keep pushing.

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