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“I decided to switch careers and undertake an MBA full time and concurrently seek my CFA designation…”

Feedback in:

Hello Michael,

I listen to your podcast and I have the latest version of Trend Following. I had reached out to you recently on LinkedIn, didn’t hear back but I recall you discussing one time on your podcast how you don’t pay much attention to LinkedIn. Of course it could also be that you’re busy or just simply chose not to reply (understandable and either way, no harm no foul and no love lost).

Anyhow, I just thought I’d reach out one more time. I decided to switch careers and undertake an MBA full time and concurrently seek my CFA designation; I only have one more term in my MBA and CFA level three next June.

I keep hearing good things about [blank] and I’ve been thinking about heading there post MBA/CFA and hopefully start my financial career there if that’s where the trend is. (I feel North America is overdone, along with London, Hong Kong etc).

I’d love to hear your thoughts/opinion if possible.

By the way, awesome episode on Feynman, he’s one of my intellectual heros. I read the Character of Physical Law in high school and almost ended up going into physics. I highly recommend the book by Lawrence Krauss titled Quantum Man, it’s about Feynman. I know you had Krauss on your podcast, he’s actually a friend of mine 🙂

Sorry to blabbering. Again, no harm no foul. I just had to give it another shot and hope you don’t hold that against me; certainly not trying to pass you off or waste your time.

Thank you for your podcast and insights!

Thanks for the great feedback, but as for jobs… that my friend is not my business.

Read Seth Godin’s book Linchpin. First 30 pages.

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