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“Don’t Mess with the Five Minute Stuff…”

Feedback in:

Hi Michael,

My biggest challenge has always been patience. Not being able to be patient enough to wait for the right moment and presuming all the time that market would go in a certain direction before this happened. I did it over and over again despite a track record that told me to stop.

Often my lack of patience took me to lower time frames to see more action, and I tell you so many people in various forums on the internet look for signals on the 15 min time frame, or even 5 m. This got me even worse results since it is really guessing on the noise of the market, full of fake directional moves and quick comebacks.

My guess after reading your books and the material you sent me by now is…I think I pretty understood the signal of entry, but I did not get exactly the correct exit point–the moment when we can be fairly sure the ride is over. I hope to get more info on this aspect in your soon following material.

All the best,
Paolo (Brazil)

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