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“I become to aggressive and as a result I pyramid my leverage to quickly…”

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Hi Michael

I live in South Africa, I’ve only been trading for about 6 months and have doubled and halved my account 4 times now (boom and bust as Mark Douglas puts it). I grew up with nothing and has worked myself up into a very good corporate finance position (which is not my passion) but I think growing with without any money left me with some subconscious challenges which might be holding me back. I’m open to any suggestions with regards to helping me overcome this if you have any.

I find that when I’m successful in my trading (i.e. doubling my account) I become to aggressive and as a result I pyramid my leverage to quickly which results in my stop becoming to narrow and expensive. I guess my biggest challenge is sticking to my rules, being too impatient and over trading.

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A great place to start.

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