“I know I am a trend follower in heart…”

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The biggest problem that I faced was once I first created my first system, I had serious problems using way too many indicators and constantly switching them when I lose a few trades. This for me was the hardest thing to get over. The best thing was that I started with a very small amount of money, so I didn’t lose any significant amounts. I am know a trend follower in heart and use indicators but only to guide me on the strength of the trends I am trading. I have your trend following book and can relate to everything written. I currently just bought your complete turtle trader book. I one day hope to be featured in books like these, trading is my life. I have a full time job that allows me to pay bills and constantly add funds to 1 of many accounts that I have. I currently trade Forex, Stocks, Options and Cryptocurrencies. Use my same trading methods on all but with different time frames. Sorry that I went a little beyond the scope of the question, its just this is what I love to do and its very hard to find like minded people to even discuss this stuff with. Thank you for your time.

You are welcome. More reading.

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