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“My biggest challenge is coming to a point where I have a clear plan, strategy or analysis that’s understandable…”

Feedback in:

Hello Michael, first of all thank you for this opportunity…biggest challenge that’s a tough one…I would say coming to a point which i have a clear plan, strategy or analysis that’s understandable without having to study every type of analysis…I would say once I read your post it made sense to me to focus on the 200 MA if I understood correctly and that’s not the first it me I have come across this idea, but today it clicked…and it’s not that I am lazy, it’s just which way to go and just how much TA and how many years will it take…

And to my credit I am not a big trader, but I seem to have latched onto, for short term scalping, an ability to at least be correct more often than not…but the issue is off uncertainty and I end up not being patient enough once I have a position there is this desire to get out because I don’t want to watch it constantly…so lately I have been listening to [name], [name] and I like this longer term trend approach…

Thanks again for reading,


Uh oh. Scalping?

I would leave that ASAP.

And the TA made popular in all of the books? Run from that. Read more.

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