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“Trend following makes great sense to me…”

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I’ve been a student of futures trading for some time now. I’ve read Van Tharp’s books, which are appealing to someone with an undergraduate degree in psychology. I’ve opened an account with Trade Station, and mastered at least most of the platform over the last couple of months. (Easy Language is a skill for the future. but clearly one worth investigating.). I can identify with Ed Seykota’s somewhat zen-like approach to trading, and life in general. As I suspected, I’m not temperamentally cut out for day trading. (Too much of an emotional roller coaster, plus a need to have one’s nose pressed against a quote screen all day long.). I don’t need “action” to feel happy and fulfilled.

Trend following makes great sense to me. No one can ever completely master the fundamentals of a particular entity, but price gets a lot closer to incorporating all the various relevant pieces of information. I’m agnostic as to market direction and predictions. The market does what it does, and no one has a perfect crystal ball in terms of future moves. Short or long doesn’t matter to me as long as there is up or down movement.

I purchased your Trend Following book a couple of years ago, and am currently re-reading it. It is time to bring my career as an orthodontist to a close, but simply being idle is not something I enjoy. I’m ready for a new, mentally stimulating challenge! Your input and accumulated wisdom would be welcomed!

Dave H.

Thanks Dave. A good extra read here and here.

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