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“It’s like your whacking yourself with the Zen stick. The master and the apprentice all in one…”

Feedback in:

Hi, I have been listening to your podcast a couple times a week now for about a year I guess.

Also I have the copy 5th Edition Trend Following.

Plus turtle and Market Wizards. These two I have to still read but Trend following I’m 80% through at this stage. I treat my trading as a business and these are the couple things I need to get done over the next bit of time to check off the to do list.

I have a quick look at your FB just to see what your up too, But FB is not really my thing. I use it to work with a couple traders, but we have changed to Telegram more these days. Far more professional for sharing charts and communicating and zero bombardment from stupid adds/friend requests and all that other bullshit. The whole Social media thing and data sharing, well where do I start. Too much crap basically. (Hence the reason I have a trading name on FB and the like, I was going to send this reach out to you there, but this is more professional I think.) Plus it would have more than like likely got lost in other peoples comment section or something. Fuck Face Book, Big brother shit.

But I like the podcasts you do, which is why I want to quickly reach out today and offer a little encouragement. You send them every week and late I put 1 one and I do get a bit out of them. Well done. I have just finished the latest 1 where you go to The Mekong river, and tell the story of the Bakery and relate this to trend following. I like that. But the bit I find funny and seems to be happening more these days is the way you run off on your little tangents and you have to correct yourself. It’s like your whacking yourself with the Zen stick. The master and the apprentice all in one. I remember in one episode a while back some girl wrote to you saying you had issues and you read this out and were laughing through it. Funny shit.

The other one you played again about 2-3 weeks back was one of the super episodes, It had the guy with the story of his explanation of what a computer is. Went for about 40 minutes, man that guy was like doing stand up. That was very cool.

All the best keep up the good stuff. Love the fact your in Asia and doing your own direction in life. In short your Podcast are great for me to unwind and remind me to focus and have the correct outlook in life. Even the simple stuff. Make a dame list,

Cheers – Have a good one.

Thanks! My podcast is an addiction for me. 100%

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