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“Your work has changed my life, and I am attempting to pass that on…”

Feedback in:


Enjoyed the foundation podcast, had a few thoughts on the financial advisor perspective, having been one for 20 years. I have tried to introduce trend following into my practice, but the struggle is the same as the buy and hold struggle, in that people ultimately have to take enough personal responsibility to have some understanding to logically evaluate the investment process we are using to try and accomplish their goals. If they don’t, eventually they will come to a point that causes a them to make an emotional decision.

Your work has changed my life, and I am attempting to pass that on. Have given many friends your books, have never had someone come back as excited as I was after reading. I take that as proof why trend following will always work!

I read once that Warren Buffet always told his family that they should invest in Treasury Bonds, guess he probably knew their emotions would get the better of them.

Thank you always!



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