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“I’m about five hours into listening to your Trend Following Book…”

Feedback in:


Thanks for all the great updates and also great information from the lessons. I hope you’re enjoying China. I’m about five hours into listening to your Trend Following Book and also decided to pick up your Turtle Trading. I really couldn’t help myself with all the references to the intriguing Richard Dennis and also think this is an amazing book! I actually listened to almost through chapter 5 of Turtle currently so I’m perhaps a quarter through each! I agree with you too that I think this would be an amazing movie and I could see it similar to the MIT/Vegas movie (21, adapted from Bringing Down the House or even a more serious Trading Places focusing on the retro pop culture that you sprinkle into the book with Trend Trading). I loved your opening quotation and so many things so far about the book. I wondered if you already had a script. I’m not doing this currently at all but I used to be writing scripts (TV/Film) and could really see this as a film. I’m currently focusing on trying to learn the stock market and trading with balancing my day job and trying to hold this down (academic technology for an academic library system) so learning the stock methodologies and my job is enough but your books and the characters did really get me thinking regarding a great movie! I wondered why this hasn’t been made yet! I hope you do this as I could see it as an amazing feature. I also just printed the notes for your Turtle Trading book as I bought this through Audible. I find with time constraints it easier to listen to ;your books on the way to work etc. to fit these in. Really great and I really appreciate all of your amazing diligent work. This is also simply in the way of a suggestion but it would be good to also include for the audio version pdf (Audible) in the notes the formula’s throughout this chapter (i.e the risk expectancy that begins this chapter, computing n and the average true range etc.) and to keep this in mind for future notes. This would also be very helpful. I’m going to have to listen to this chapter again but also probably also a great motivation to buy the text copy, lol! Well, thank you for the wealth of information here and also the great inspirational tone of the work!!

Wishing you the best,


Ray [name]
San Marcos, Texas

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