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“I am trying to start my journey in Trend trading…”

Feedback in:

Hi Michael,

I came across your book through Steve Burns books as I am trying to start my journey in Trend trading and currently doing my research and learning to trade this way. My biggest challenge currently has been searching for the trends (screening for stocks) and then knowing how long to wait if the stock is not moving and i suppose when to sell (especially with weeks like these i.e. Trump/China Tarriffs week). I purchased your book through Audible and am really enjoying listening to it and learning about these traders/methods. I had heard you had done a movie in 2009 and I wanted to get also access through your website and also sign up for the interactive presentation mentioned in the book. I’m enclosing as you mentioned a copy of my my audible purchase history as a jpeg. It’s the third book down and I purchased this on May 8th through my Audible subscription. I’m currently trying to read and listen to a number of books and podcasts trying to get up to speed with these newer methods.



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