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“All I have is me and my will to learn…”

Feedback in:

Hello, good morning.

My name is [Name], I’m a 20 year old English teacher and gastronome in Brazil. I live in a small town called Americana, located on the country side of the state of São Paulo.

I’m not quite experienced in the market yet. I have been investing my money in some assets we have around here for about 3 years, but this is actually my first month trading in the stock market (here in Brazil we call it the Bovespa/B3).

The biggest challenge I have today is finding different information and distinct paths I could follow. Every piece of information I get to put my hands on says the same things: buy low, sell high. Buy and hold. Do the same things Warren Buffet did and you shall have plenty.

Your book was the first that I saw that had something different to say. Something new.

I don’t have a mentor or a kind of finances guide, somebody to teach me and lead me towards the light side (or the money side for that matter). All I have is me and my will to learn.

My hope is to become a better investor and a better trader. Day by day. And maybe someday be successful in getting out of this 3rd world country and only working if I want to and in what I want to. To make the money work for me and not me for it.

Thank you for your time,

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