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“Getting the courage to do these things will be the battle…”

Feedback in:

I’m just starting out after watching Adam Khoo’s “Trade Like a Casino for Consistent Profits” on youtube. I’m a 23-year old federal government mail clerk on a career path with little to no room for advancement, so I need to increase my income. I actually started out watching Jaspreet Singh’s entrepreneurial and investment videos and Adam Khoo’s videos came up as suggested, so I started listening to them while I was doing other things around the house. Before that trading seemed just a crap shoot or something only people chosen to work in the CME could make money doing, so I never considered it. But after listening to several of Adam’s videos I decided to sign up for one his courses on his website and started a gofundme page to get the $1,500 to do it. But while I’m waiting to come up with the money to take his course, I’ve listened to Alexander Elder’s Trading for a Living a few times on youtube and purchased the hard cover of The Complete Turtle Trader and Trend Following off of Amazon and began reading the 2nd one.

Oh, I just read your question again. My biggest challenges I’ve faced trading have been my initial perception of it as something only an elite few got mentored in and shown how to make money doing it and that it took millions of dollars to do and coming up with money to get started. I did start a Robinhood account with $300 though but their customer support was so horrible I thought what if I had thousands in an account with them and needed help? So I withdrew my $300 bucks. Plus I’m not a hot shot MBA or math guy fresh out of college with a 4.0 GPA who people would hire for trading careers. Man, I can’t keep to a topic can I? So my biggest challenges have been my own perceptions, lack of information and lack of mentors I guess.

Go through my world. My books. My podcast. All of my website. I can help.

He followed up.

Michael, the following on your website is golden!:

What are some ways that I have learned about the right direction?

  • Bring joyful, imaginative and impassioned energy every day. Don’t fake it.
  • You don’t need to be big to be good, you need to be smart.
  • When there is no one there, insert yourself. Take over.
  • Engage the world as if your life depends on it.
  • Nothing is more important than transforming someone.
  • Have a vision grounded in your uniqueness.
  • The race winner is often curious and slightly mad.
  • Dry obligation in life will figuratively kill you.
  • No one will give you permission. Seize the mantle.
  • If you can’t solve a problem you are playing by the collective’s rules.
  • Hard work, sustained concentration, and drive are the so-called secrets.
  • Winners understand sunk costs and opportunity costs.
  • Plan to win, prepare to win and have every right to expect to win.
  • It’s in your power to change your belief systems. No one is stuck. Be unstuck.
  • Winning is never about your limited resources, but rather always about your unlimited resourcefulness.
  • By not questioning the world you always lose.”

Getting the courage to do these things will be the battle. Minus “Hard work, sustained concentration, and drive are the so-called secrets.”

Thank you for creating your website and making all your information available!

You are welcome!

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