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“Your podcast has stoked a never ending… enthusiasm for the world of investing, trend-following, and psychology”

Feedback in:

Hi Michael,

Your podcast has stoked a never ending (up to this point) enthusiasm for the world of investing, trend-following, and psychology. An attempt to learn something new everyday from you and your guests. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. I’m a fan of the psychological aspect as well, which I find truly fascinating.

I listen to other podcasts, Meb Faber Show, Masters in Business, etc. I added yours first in an attempt of how to invest my money better and not just blindly follow buy and hold. I was able to go on and fly through reading TurtleTrader, which initially set me on course for your podcast. That was my light bulb moment if you will.

This all brings me to the impact trend following has had on what I notice in my daily life. When I see things outside of investing I can sometimes immediately connect them with the idea of trend following and then it makes me think I should write to thank you. Even when I was watching a cybercrime show on Netflix and the episode was about the Nigerian email scams, it brought me to why they do it. It’s so easy for them to send these emails (place many bets), and then all they need to to hit (get a return) a few suckers and they can do very well. That hit % could be 40%, 30%, much less. Similar to trend following, when you hit though you may hit big.

I think it would be a fun interview if you could get Robert Cialdini. I don’t think you’ve had him on before. Excellent work into psychology would be an amazing interview similar to Kahneman.

Personally, I still diversify my investments which include trend-following, buy-and-hold and value. However, these do not match my passion from research based on your insights for trend-following and I thank you for that.

I also hope to make it to Asia since I have never been outside of the US. I’m excited for it, based on what I have heard from you. I have a friend in Tokyo, but if I ever make it your way maybe I can buy you drink or meal for all of the insights you’ve put in the public domain.


Thanks for the feedback! Cialdini has been on my show!

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