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“A deep breath of fresh air in a very choppy sea of misguided information…”

Feedback in:

Good evening Michael,

I have to say, you are a deep breath of fresh air in a very choppy sea of misguided information.

As with a lot of traders out there,I have been up and mostly down thus far in my trading career. I seem to have been going about it all wrong trying to time the market, first through day trading and then gradually trading longer term both ways utilizing momentum indicators. I have to say, it has been a long a expensive journey, in fact years after getting more and more confused and thoroughly pissed off at myself for not trading with the trend and not catching the big trends in the market. In hind sight the larger moves seemed to be starring me right in the face! So after all that pain I am convinced that trading from a longer term perspective, using support and resistance as my guide in the longer time frames and catching the larger moves in the markets is the only way to trade.

I realized this some time ago but was to stubborn to change my bad habits, you know, that, “I can beat the market attitude.” Well this has been quite a humbling journey to say the least. The other night after getting completely and absolutely feed up with the choices I was making I decided as a last resort I was just going to trade with the trend and by that I mean when price makes a higher high after making a higher low, I will get long and stay in the trade until the trend changes. That was when I decided to search for trend trading to see if anyone else had come to that same conclusion. Low and behold it brought me to your site. After reading and listening to a few of your podcasts I believe that I am absolutely heading in the right direction. Thanks for listening to my personal rant and thank you so much for all the relevant information that you bring to the trading community.

The best to you my friend!


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