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Ep. 737: Ethan Kross Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio

Ethan Kross
Ethan Kross

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My guest today is Ethan Kross, a professor of psychology at the University of Michigan. His research seeks to “Understand factors enabling people to adaptively regulate triggered impulses and emotions that undermine their goals and compromise their health.” He wants to resolve a key paradox in coping literature by finding insights and translating those insights to the rest of the world.

The topic is Emotion and Self Control Lab.

In this episode of Trend Following Radio we discuss:

  • Thinking objectively
  • Passive and interactive activities on social media
  • Experian sampling
  • Regulation on social media
  • LeBron James move from the Cavaliers
  • Self talk
  • Dealing with problems under stressed.

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