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“I think my subconscious mind eventually pushed me back on the correct/trend following path.”

Feedback in:

Hey Michael

My name is [Name] (age 45), we briefly did speak at the beginning of 2017 or 2018 I think.

I’m a forex & Options trader and worked for quite a few investment banks as a proprietary trader (last 20yrs). My “inspiration” has always been Ed Seykota, Soros (Market Wizards 1 alumni) Elder and pretty much every trading book on the planet, Joe Di Napoli, Larry Williams and of course my favorite Reminiscences of a Stock operator quote (The money is in the sitting).

I did a deep dive into my career as I’m really frustrated with my performance over the last few years and basically tried to understand, how on quite a few occasions I made really “big” money trading (+100-200% ) returns. The only conclusion I came to was: on those occasions I traded long term trends.

Recently, (last 3yrs ) having moved over to the asset management arena, my performance have to say the least been terrible. I’ve felt the pressure as some clients have wanted monthly returns and out of desperation to keep assets v. a rampant equity market, I’ve accommodated by trading short and shorter time frames. Needless to say my performance have gone under with it, and of course I lost assets anyways.

I’ve purchased a few of your books, TurtleTrader and 2x Trend Following books.

I think my subconscious mind eventually pushed me back on the correct/trend following path.

I’m hoping to continue on this path with you.

I am not able to purchase your course just yet, as I’m in the process of cancelling my Bloomberg, CQG subscriptions and have unfortunately still a few months to run on it. But after will definitely look to do so. I guess all that remains is a big THANK YOU.



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