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“If we can admit that we do not know something, then we can learn anything…”

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I have taken your advice again and have not regretted it! I started a regular yoga practice a few months ago and I am seeing and feeling the benefits. I have wanted to do this for some time but finally got going. The instructor of the class I am taking likes to do a reading each class. This particular reading stuck with me and made me immediately relate it to trend-following and some things you have said before in your podcast. I feel like you can replace yoga with trend-following.

Meditations on Intention and Reading by Rolf Gates – Day 129 (p.120)-2nd paragraph:

“It seems a simple enough thing to say, but really it’s the hardest part of coming to yoga. If we can admit that we do not know something, then we can learn anything. If we cannot admit that we do not know, we will remain blind to what we could learn. I think we are afraid to say “I don’t know” because we think in terms of black and white. Either I say I know and I retain the power of choice, or I say I do not know and I give my power away. In this scenario, retaining choice seems preferable even if it is at the expense of remaining stuck in a life that does not work. What yoga offers is another option, one in which learning does not degrade the learner, nor does it take away her power of choice. In yoga, learning happens by degrees, and each degree is another turning point in the student’s life, another moment of choice.”



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