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“The last part of the interview has me a little worried about you…”

Feedback in:

Hi Mike,

I’m responding to your last episode #729 with John Lin. Very interesting conversation. I’m a tech guy but he’s way over my head. I understand his terminology but don’t quite understand how he trades. I guess it’s like “scalping” in the computer age?

Part of me thinks this should be illegal because there is no way your average trader (even a professional) can compete with him. But I guess if he’s not moving the market that much, it doesn’t matter.

The last part of the interview has me a little worried about you. No, nothing creepy about it in the sense of meeting women but in a Big Brother sense. First of all, I don’t think the tech you were talking about is necessary for people to meet each other. After all, there are plenty of dating sites and apps like Tinder.

What has me worried is how you seem to want to embrace widespread use of this kind of tech, like China is doing. You said that with it, bad actors get punished and good actors get rewarded (and this is not the first time I’ve heard you say this). The problem is, who’s deciding what is good and bad? After all, I’m sure that China’s government thinks anyone who toes the party line is a good actor, and anyone who disagrees is bad.

As a libertarian thinker, I can’t see any good coming from a system like that and I still like my privacy. If that’s the way of the future, I may have to start wearing a mask everywhere and changing up my walking style. Either that, or move to some remote island (with a beautiful girl of course).


The tech I talk about?

It’s not going to be a choice.

That’s my thinking.

It’s coming.

Tinder will look like pong before it’s over. I can see that as good and bad, but it’s coming.

Same if they offer bionic chip implants or whatever. We can Luddite it, but it’s coming.

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