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“How much time would I need to invest to fully understand your program and begin to apply it?”

Feedback in:

Hi Michael,

Nothing has really changed for me after reading your emails. I basically agree completely with your philosophy.

The cost of your course/online material is not an issue either.

My hesitation is the lack of time that I have to learn your system and actively trade at this time.

I plan to be a more active investor at some point in my life, but am not sure I have the time to invest in the process at this time. I do not want to commit a couple thousand dollars toward an educational process and not be able to give it a reasonable effort.

I practice Emergency Medicine and work the night shift, so I sleep all day and usually am not awake until the markets are closed for the day. I have been slowly reducing my workload and am now only working 160 shifts/year, so I do have several stretches of 3 and 4 weeks off at a time. These are sporadic through the year. My wife and I often are traveling during those times. I’m 65 years old, healthy, and still working full time. 4.5M liquid investment capital divided between accounts at TD Ameritrade, Vanguard, USBank, and the Principle (work 401/457 plans).

How much time would I need to invest to fully understand your program and begin to apply it?


Good questions. Pulled from my FAQs here:

Q: How much time is required to trade as a trend following trader?
A: You can spend a minute or two per market each day. For example, you check prices in the evening, then with one trade in the morning, you place or change any orders in accordance with rules. Flagship trend following trading systems use daily data to determine buy and sell signals. Orders can be placed before the market opens and do not need hourly monitoring. Most top traders manage their trades in 10 to 30 minutes per day. Trend follower Richard Donchian:

“If you trade on a definite trend-following loss limiting-method, you can trade without taking a great deal of time from your regular business day. Since action is taken only when certain evidence is registered, you can spend a minute or two per [market] in the evening checking up on whether action-taking evidence is apparent, and then in one telephone call in the morning place or change any orders in accord with what is indicated. [Furthermore] a definite method, which at all times includes precise criteria for closing out one’s losing trades promptly, avoids…emotionally unnerving indecision.”

Each day you determine entries and or exits for the following day. You can then buy or sell “at the market” on the open the next day.

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