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“That’s some big leaps in association and generalized to the point of blindness…”

Feedback in:

Hi Michael,

Love your podcasts, wide range of topics and guests. Very interesting and engaging.

Your last one about Woodward spins Belushi is a great example of you exposing your own bias and linking a single incident to a different set of independent incidents and then to a whole group of individual “Journalists” and saying you can’t believe ANY journalist. If Woodward can be wrong then all of them must be wrong. That’s some big leaps in association and generalized to the point of blindness. This a great example of a human habit that gets all of us in trouble and part of why we all struggle with crazy stuff. Hopefully we keep people around us to keep us from falling off the deep end and ending up like Alex Jones 😉

You’re a smart, successful guy but very human and very passionate about your ideas and world view. That podcast was a great reminder to me that we all have blind spots and overstate things we “believe” to be facts.


Why does it disturb you so much that journalists should either not be believed and or questioned at every step? I can turn on “news” at any time of the day and every bit of it is opinion designed to shove an agenda — the same kind of stuff Woodward did to Belushi. Why does it bother you that I say that? Why is media above criticism?

You make the point of episode.

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