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“It’s true I don’t need to know what happens next to make money!”

Feedback in:

Hi Michael,

Appreciate all that you have done thus far. I loved your Turtle Trading book, along with the Little Book of Trading, and I have been listening to random podcast episodes, realizing that I should listen to them all since each one is packed with some much valuable information. Thus, I am working through them sequentially.

One thing that has changed for me is that I need to approach trading from a statistical point of view and not something like “I’m living or dying by this next trade.” I have been so stuck in the boat that I’m going to get rich off this next trade and that I have to win, and I can’t have any losses. So many guests have talked about how important money management is, and how it’s okay to not know what will happen next in the market. It’s true, I don’t need to know what happens next to make money.

Again, thank you. I have noted the amazing deal on your trend trading system and I’ll spend a bit of time going through the resources you will provide as the journey of trend trading is one I want to pursue.


You are welcome!

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