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“Have you ever thought about putting together a study guide?”

Feedback in:


I just received my copy of your 5th Edition of Trend Following, purchased from Amazon. I was immediately shocked and excited by the size of it! This thing is a textbook. Have you ever thought about putting together a study guide? Something to help your readers hold themselves accountable and test themselves to make sure they’re absorbing the information in each chapter. I’m going to need to come up with a plan of attack for sure. I’ve nearly finished devouring The Little Book of Trading in less than a week, where as my typical reading habit is a few pages here and there. Clearly Trend Following is going to require discipline and concentration.

Thank you for your work on this subject. I’m very excited to learn how to create a trend following system with good money management. It is clear that I’ll need a reliable way to access risk across markets, so that I can properly weight positions. Anyway, thanks again and enjoy those miniskirts on the motorcycles wherever in the world you are these dwindling summer days!

All the best,

Study guide? Just the book. It’s a read start to finish.

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