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George Mason Economists on Michael Covel’s Podcast


I have done my best to have some of George Mason University’s finest on my podcast:

Walter Williams: Episode 244 and Wikipedia

Tyler Cohen: Episode 575, Episode 255 and Wikipedia

Robin Hanson: Episode 236, Episode 461, Episode 615 and Wikipedia

Bryan Caplan: Episode 671 and Wikipedia

Daniel Klein: Episode 662 and Wikipedia

Alex Tabarrok: Episode 289 and Wikipedia

Peter Leeson: Episode 687 and Wikipedia

Nobel Prize Winner Vernon Smith: Episode 178 and Wikipedia

Vernon Smith
Vernon Smith
Walter Williams
Walter Williams

Note: Vernon Smith is not at Mason now, but was for a very long time. He did win his Nobel Prize while teaching there. He also appears in my film. Full disclosure? I did graduate from Mason and remain quite proud of the school’s immense success…in literally less than 30 years. Amazing!

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