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“I find your work fascinating…”

Feedback in:

Hi Michael,

I’ve been listening to your podcast for about a year now. I first heard about you from the Bloomberg Odd Lots Podcast, where you spoke about Turtle Traders. I then started listening to your own podcast and I find your work fascinating!

You conduct brilliant interviews with interesting people from all kinds of backgrounds, but your interviews reveal a lot about their work, without giving it all away, which I appreciate a lot. One definitely needs to follow up and do some more research on your guests after an episode; which I try to do in most cases. I highly enjoy your podcast.

I have 2 requests: First, would it at be possible to have any of the fathers of Behavioral Economics on your show, i.e Kahneman or Thaler (I don’t think you’ve had either of them on your show yet? I may be mistaken.) Second, on your show, you mention that if one wanted to get started with Trend Following, to reach out to you. So, my question is, do you have any suggestions of where to start? Which resources should I be reading, what kind of programs would I need to start trading, and how much money would I need? I recently started my first job, so in some months, I’ll have a bit more disposable income than others. Knowing where to start would be invaluable.

Thanks for your show, I am a big fan.

Kind regards

Email with more details on the way! The fathers of the behavioral school? Go here.

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