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“It has also been interesting to witness your own life journey and growth…”

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Hi Michael:

I’ve been immersing myself in your podcast over the last few months. I’m not sure if it was the best decision to start at the beginning but I am about half way through 2013 at the moment. You are currently still in Asia. I spent three months there myself just traveling around. Not only has it been fascinating listing to your podcast regards trend following but it has also been interesting to witness your own life journey and growth, (eg yoga, travel etc) all compacted down into a few months. I’m looking forward to the rest and catching up to modern day. And I have also enjoyed reading some but not yet all of your books.

So I won’t go into detail as to why I think trend following is very much suited to me but listening to your podcast daily has given me the confidence to take full responsibility over all my trading decisions. I had already accepted full responsibility as to the outcome of my investment. Eg if I ask and receive financial advice, whatever the outcome, it is still my responsibility. But along with that came many frustrations which you completely address and have now given me the vehicle (trend following) to actual choose the trades I make.

Fortunately I am an oracle database programmer and so am a long way into generating my own fully automated system which will simply pump out my daily actions. And fortunately I have the personality to simply follow them because that’s easier than having to make a discretionary decision.

So firstly I simply wanted to thank you for your great work and secondly ask a simple technical question which maybe you won’t answer but that’s OK.

When charting most professional suggest that a Exponential MA is superior to a Simple MA for a number of reasons but when people talk about systematizing there trading on your podcast they always refer to a Simple MA and I am wondering from a trading perspective does it not really make any difference or is it simply that a Simple MA is easier to code?

Anyway things may have change across the 5 years that I am behind on your podcast and perhaps you no long take email, But I’m glad I have contacted you. You have had a profound affect on my life. I really enjoy the psychology and self improvement aspect of your podcast and the constant message of taking full responsibility and not looking to the ‘Man’ to look after me.

By the way I am in Australia, not sure if you have made it down this way yet.

Martin T.

Thanks for the nice email!

A good link for you? Here.

On entries? Preference are price breakouts v. moving averages.

No Australia yet!

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